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Like everyone, who have a dog, I have a special story, why I choose this breed, why this breed charmed me so much... but the true is, that my story is a little different. Of course, I always wanted to have a dog. I waiting for long time for my dreamed dog and finally in our house settled a dalmatian names Kropka. She behaved like lady and have a lot of love for children. Unfortunately, we haven't so many time for our friendship. She had only two years when she died. My another dog came to my six months later. In my mind Amber should be an Irish Setter.. but she grew up a little different. But she was perfect. Thanks to her I change my life style, I begun trips and journeys, I met a lot of people who like me had a setter. The people I met taught me a lot, and among them there are those who still are my great friends and advisors.

At first I did not plan a pointer German - of course I liked, but I thought that cannot cope adequately raising this dog. My dream was a Scottish Setter bitch. The first joint exhibition and in particular the first training - it was debut not only for Czamy but for me, too. Also field training was completely new to me. In the meantime, in my mind born the idea of creating own kennel .... and that's way, in January 2006, our kennel name "Theogonia" was registered in Polish Kennel Club. The name of the kennel came from my love to old Greek and Latin literature, especially poetical description of birth gods and world, which thousands of years ago ware written by Hesiod. In later years the name of kennel has been updated and registered in the FCI as Theogonia Black. We created a culture logo - a winged pointer, and all puppies were born in our kennel receive the names associated with the mythologies of the world, the culture of Latin and Greek.

Then our herd began to grow, first joined us Leopold (ore, fluffy ball) and one year later, was born first litter - nine small dragons, which resembled their father - for me one of the best stud males - Athos ze Stipek - from the leading German shorthaired pointers kennel in the Czech Republic. Three of these dragons stayed with us, permanently saving the history of pointers in Poland - coping very well at the shows Polish and foreign fighter while training for competitions and hunting. Subsequent litters were born in our kennel, and each new puppy has confirmed its value in use and exhibition.

And in the end, we were joined by Tom - in personal lives and in the kennel medium. Since then we jointly planned every step in the breeding. One of our decisions was the realization of a dream that smoldering somewhere in our heads - a white and orange Spinone italiano. It turned out that the idea to its implementation is not as far-Gianni dalla Valle del Reno came to us from Germany in 2010 and convinced us completely to wirehaired pointers. Over the next year, has came to our two girls - "Ira" Ilaria dalla Valle del Reno and "Ellis" - Stannamore Contessa Lisa Alicia . Both of them as the youngest now govern our herd. And then, to our team also has joined Hunter ze Stipek, a dog with a very cheerful character, great passion and big heart. And so our life goes on and save the rest of the history of us and our canine friends ...

What can we say about our breeding?

Our main goal is to dogs being born in our house were marked not only a great psyche, socialization, beautiful physique and outstanding characteristics and uses, but above all, that they are the most loyal companions of man, that they are fulfilling their dreams of the perfect dog. We make every effort to ensure the best characteristics of our breed reproduce and perpetuate it. The proportions of the body, the shape of the head, correct angulation, the structure of the hair and eye color - are passed down from generation to generation only through responsible and thoughtful pairing, this also applies to genetic diseases that sooner or later, each culture must arise. So choosing a suitable stud for our bitches, looking like this, which has a great physique, temperament, passion, style of work and health. We try to keep in touch with the owners of the puppies from our kennel, informed of any malformations puppies and help in difficult situations.

Our continued participation in exhibitions of dogs in the country and abroad, although it is not the most important part of our work, it is our measure of the effort that we put to maintain perfect form, health and the exterior of our dogs - as the working, active dog in the hunting field is very important. Equally important is the participation of dogs from our kennel in tests of their skills while working with the hunter. Dogs from our kennel participated with great effect to such tests in the Czech Republic - where hunting cynology is at a very high level, and in Poland too.

We hope that the experience we gained, the continuous expansion of knowledge and exchange of experiences with other farmers about cultivation history of the breed and usability pointers will result in our work - work that is both our passion and part of our lives.

Joanna i Tomasz Brygier

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